We are the largest learning community for programmers

An integrated platform for students to learn all the programming languages and technical skills under one roof.

A Robust application with centralized learning

Our predefined learning path algorithms will empower you to learn, practice and test your knowledge.

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  • CRT
  • College Labs
  • Surprise Exams
  • Certification Courses
  • Application Development
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    Adaptive learning methods tailored to meet your goals

    We are the largest learning and competition community for programmers.

    We have developed a robust application which is an online, latest, robust and centralized learning, testing and reporting environment that can eliminate the gap between corporate and colleges. An aid for faculty to get a better understanding of students’ skill sets and also improve their knowledge effectively. A provision for management with complete evaluation reports to get a comprehensive picture.

    • Learn: Experienced and engaging instructors take you through course material, in our high-quality video-based training sessions. Complex problem statements are explained in a step-by-step manner with a practical approach. Solutions are provided by instantly having a hands-on experience on the tool.
    • Practice: Students can code directly on the browser under the course challenges section of PWB, soon after learning the concepts. This will help to bring to life what they learned and receiving immediate, helpful feedback and code validation. The beauty of this coding platform is that without any prior programming experience, students can come up with solutions.
    • Build: Build your project with all the knowledge acquired. Stand a chance to become a full-stack developer. Apply your skills to solve real-world problems.
    • C-language
    • Advanced Data Structures Using C
    • C#.NET
    • Core Java
    • JavaScript
    • Aptitude &Reasoning
    • English Grammar
    • HTML 5/CSS 3
    • Advanced Java
    • IT &IS
    • Unix
    • Office-365
    • C++ Language
    • MySql
    • EDC
    • Typing Tutorial
    • Data Science
    • DS Micro Using C
    • DS Micro Using CPP
    • Branch Wise Mock Test
    • Operating System
    • Big Data
    • C++ Micro
    • IOT
    • DevOps
    • Computer Networks
    • Civil-Nano
    • Scilab
    • College Test Library
    • SQL RDBMS, Functions &Procedures
    • Web API ASP.NET
    • Career Path
    • Data Engineer
    • Data Analysis
    • Digital Marketing
    • Micro Services
    • Social Media
    • Software Development
    • Embeded Systems
    • Cyber Security
    • Google Sites
    • 3D Model TECH
    • PHP
    • AngularJS
    • Python Full Course
    • Compiler Design
    • CRT
    • 3D Design
    • Machine Learning
    • Shell Scripting
    • 3D Model Non-TECH

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    3-Tier Approach

    We provide a wide range of learning power hubs and the best-in-class digital tools, structured most efficiently to empower engineering graduates of different streams to overcome the academic and practical challenges with our 3-tier approach.

    Building the core programming knowledge and practical exposure

    • We aim at building the core fundamentals of theoretical and practical programming knowledge that enables computer graduates to code, develop and gain technical expertise, with all the ease.
    • We also provide a platform for the students to build minor and major projects, with the help of our built-in hackathons and thousands of code contests based on real-life scenarios and industry case studies.
    • This not only enhances the overall learning experience of the students but also helps them graduate as experienced professionals.

    Evaluating and ranking students skillset

    • We assess the student’s understanding of various technology concepts with the help of our code contests and MCQ assessments, from time to time.
    • Based on the performance of the students, we categorize students into 4 different buckets; namely Gold, Silver, Green, and Red.

    Job mapping according to skillset

    • Ranking and categorizing students into buckets facilitates mapping every student with the right career path with the best possible package.
    • Students in the Gold category perfectly fit into the software development jobs of Product-Based companies.
    • Students in the Silver category are ideal for programming jobs in service-based companies Students in the Green category fit into entry-level jobs that deal with basic programming and Support Role.
    • Students in Red Category are appropriate for office management and support functions like Chat support, Voice Support, Front Office at Entry Level.

    Our Clients

    Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because of our experience, technology insights and delivery standards .... we are your one stop shop for all your educational needs. Here are some of our prestigious clients.