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We provide an excellent infrastructure to exchange the mutual needs of aspirants, employers, institutions and government services.

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Designed for prospective students who want to learn more before applying and enrolling at online universities.


  • Helping you land in your desired job. We make it simple for you to find a technical job that fits your skills. Letting the companies reach out to you directly offering that job you are passionate about.
  • Get discovered by top employers quickly based on your preferences and skillsets.
  • Create a shareable profile that showcases your achievements easily.
  • Take a quick test to know how you fit for the role you are planning to apply.
  • We provide quick analysis and guidance on how you can mold your skills to this new role.
  • We provide proactive alerts as and when jobs are updated on our portal.
  • We will do the marketing for you by showing your profile to employers who are looking for your skillset.


  • Let us simplify the process of screening for you Why waste your time and resources screening thousands of candidates to find that one best candidate when you can just sort the candidate that suits your needs from a repository of thousands of students.
  • Our Artificial Intelligence pairing logic connects you directly with the qualified candidates to build a world-class team faster than ever.
  • To untangle the process of searching and filtering, we use a pairing logic which pre-screens the candidates by their skills and provides tagging and ratings.
  • We use AI-based recommendation engine to send the candidates that fit the criteria of your saved searches and the positions that are open.
  • We’ve built an excellent report management system to make it easy for you to pick the right candidates that fit your company culture and position.
  • You can customize and save the filtering capabilities with the ease to go through the candidates using our advanced search options.

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