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Partner with us and earn recurring commission on initial purchase and upgrades.

Elite Partners

  • Recurring Commission: Partner with us and earn a 35% recurring commission on initial purchase and upgrades.
  • Strong Support: Not just that, we support you with all the materials needed to help reach your goals.
  • Transform Education: Be a proud partner on our mission to change the Educational system and reduce the rate of unemployment. Simultaneously, provide better placement opportunities for your customers.
Elite Partners

It's FREE to become a partner and earn cash! - no initial investment needed.

Campus Advisors

Earn Cash

  • Recurring Commission: Be a Campus Advisor to earn a recurring commission of 20% on initial purchase and upgrades.
  • Internship Certificate: Get an internship certificate that can add great value to your profile while adding some income to your pocket money.
  • Leadership Skills: A great opportunity to polish your leadership and communication skills.
  • Free Tools: Build a strong network among students and access our free tools to conduct campus hackathons.
Campus Advisors
Earn Points

Earn Points

Earn Cash + Points = Success.

  • Invite: 5 points for sending the invitation.
  • Register: 50 points for sending the invitation.
  • Adopt: 1 point for every dollar spent.
  • Grow: 1 point for every hour spent.

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Partner Benefits

If you’re wondering what exactly our Partner Program entails, you’ve come to the right spot. When you join the program, you unlock a bevy of benefits. Let’s dive right in without any further delay.

Extra Cash

Get compensated every time you bring in a lead and while working together in addressing customer needs.

Drive Value

Add value to your existing services by adding our products to your portfolio and thereby driving bundled solution to your clients or offer individual solutions.

Collaborate to Win

We are here to win together and make you successful. We will help you with your demos, and any customer inquiries.

Supporting Collateral

We will provide you with our marketing kits that can be leveraged to promote and scale our offerings. We can also help drive joint initiatives and co-branded materials to share with clients.

Demo and Try Licence

As our partner, you are entitled to exclusive licensing offers to maximize your value proposition. This can be used for gaining a good grip on the product and sharing those value lessons with your customers.

Success Advocate

Communication is the key - we will assign a single point contact who can help you throughout the journey.

Be a Change Agent

Mission to change the educational system and reduce the rate of unemployment.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing value to your customers that is backed by a reputed company.

Exclusive Promotions

Take advantage of special offers/bonuses and great prices—all you need to help grow your business.

Accelerating digital transformation and providing value for your customers and build rewarding relationships.

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