Conduct seamless live meetings, conferencing, presentations, and training via the Internet

Securely create, share, and manage content with a next-generation cloud-based platform.


Spontaneously join, host, or manage audio, video, or web meeting from a conference room, your desk, or a remote location via your Mac, PC, or mobile device. Quickly convert conference rooms into collaboration centers with our web conferencing services, our affordable out-of-the-box solution. Transform your online events into engaging experiences that you and your attendees will appreciate.

Attend or host meetings on the go with determination and store data with a secure, distraction-free experience. Host or participate in the conferences on the go with confidence and collect data with a reliable, disturbance-free experience. Start or connect your next online meeting or audio conferencing session in a flash just by asking. No need to take notes while hosting a conference on the go, cloud recording is now available on the GoToMeeting mobile app.



We make the webinar experience seamless so that you can concentrate on value adds.


Simple authentication process as we understand the value of your time.


Impress the presenters by utilizing features like videos, statistics we provide you.


Gather attendee info and track interest during your webinar, so you know who is ready for the next step.


We provide detailed reports for you to analyze how things went.


It is our responsibility to do your webinar justice with our industry-leading audio and video.


  • Real-time audio communication
  • Text communication via chat
  • Uncomplicated presentation of slideshows or screen content
  • Video streaming
  • Sharing and downloading of additional material
  • Practical possibility of recording complete lectures and sharing or viewing them afterwards
  • Creating and making surveys or quizzes available
  • Integration to LMS