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The simplest way to expertise any subject is to experience it

With self-crafted courses that were an outcome of decades of experience and a blend of expertise, we are all set to deliver customized workshops tailored to your specific needs.

  • Placement Training
  • Career Path Training
  • Mobile App Development
  • JAVA Application Development
  • Game Development
  • .NET Application Development
  • Web Technologies
  • Big Data
  • Internet Of Things
  • Database Development

Coding Kick-starter

  • Coding Kick-starter With our hand-crafted courses simplified into levels, levels into stages and stages into steps, make sure you retain most out of every workshop.
  • We can meet the technical training needs eliminating all your challenges with our unmatched selection of training and workshops designed by certified in-house instructors complemented with real-world experience.
  • An in-depth placement ready workshop designed to help students become experts in coding the challenges to win any interview process with easily. We give the students freedom to pick a technology of their choice, form a group of size 8-10 with whom they are comfortable with, schedule the workshop whenever it’s comfortable form them.
Coding Kick-starter

Full Time Study

Eligibility: Pre-Final and Final year batch students
Duration: 12 Days (8 hours a day ( Mon-Sat))

Part Time Study

Eligibility: Pre-Final and Final year batch students
Duration: 45 Days (2 hours a day ( Mon-Sat))

Start off your Coding path

The future runs on code, building code and app development are the world’s most demanded skills.

  • From Beginner to Big-Time: Gain vital coding and tech skills in Java, C++, Scratch Programming, Cybersecurity, Smartphone apps, robots, video games &more.
  • Teamwork and Problem Solving: While interacting with students and working collaboratively in groups our courses incorporate teamwork, logic, and problem-solving.
  • Safe and Encouraging: Our camp environment is a safe, encouraging and nurturing online safety module on every course.
  • No Hidden Charges: Our policies and procedures are clear and we do not surprise you with hidden charges and extra amount.
  • Choose your Favorite Course: Choose from a wide range of workshops that are available.
  • Flexibility : You may be a computer whizz or maybe you are not that technically-minded, our courses are designed to suit all types of learners.

Core Features

  • Learn the basics of programming like data types, control flow, functions, loops, arrays.
  • Practice interview questions and programming challenges.
  • Learn how to remove syntax errors from code.
  • Provide access to tools and resources for 1 year after the course.
  • Free materials to help with interviews and coding exams.

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