Providing an individual with the necessary qualifications

Ensuring that your individual is ready for placement by enabling his/her ability to identify the job he desires.

Solutions personalized to the business models

Utilizing the transparent and effectual framework, we deliver commitments exceeding your expectations.

Key Benefits

Evaluating student skills

Conducting academic examination

Digitize Lab and reduce the operating costs

Lab Records Digital Printing Automation

Placement Preparation

Project for any platform

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Core Benefits

Presenting the modern platform to access employability skills, to eliminate the gap between students, institutions, and corporates.

  • Extensive Library: To bestow you with aid in preparation for your employment opportunities, we have readily available a company-specific exam library and our own expert-curated library.
  • Platform Independent: All you need is a modern browser, you may use our application in any browser with zero modifications required.
  • Auto Evaluation: Let our application do all the paperwork for you. Our automated engine will give the final score based on your custom rubric.
  • Secure Testing: In order to eliminate fraud and streamline recruitment process we have incorporated a number of measures.
  • Modern IDE: Our online Integrated Development Environment accelerates your development process and creates a central repository for program files.
  • Project-Based Testing: The evaluation is so dynamic that it can be on a simple program or it can be on the whole project with the database connectivity.
  • Simplified Analytics and Reporting: Real-time reports are available for comparing knowledge levels of various candidates and a simplified process to categorize the best ones.

Core Facts

  • Clear reporting and Guidance: Provides technical details around the program execution which is essential for technical and business reporting.
  • 20+ programming languages: One single platform to learn, practice, execute, develop projects in more than 20 + programming languages.
  • 5+ question types: The liberty to choose the type of question to assess an individual.
  • Browser-based IDE: An independently developed environment that is browser-based to eliminate the struggle of downloading and installing different applications for different languages.
  • Integrated cloud labs: Save all the work that you have done in the cloud instead of a local system to access it later from anywhere and anytime.

Role-based Testing

Predefined Role-Based exam library and create your questions We made it easy for you to pick an exam based on the role and complexity from the existing library that is proved to be the best, also we provide the leverage of creating your coding challenges and questions using various question types.

Placement readiness is now as simple as ABC


Pick the Exam


Invite candidates


Make the decision

Company Based Testing

  • One and done: Our efficient compile engine is designed to support all modern and widely used programming languages.
  • Technology independent: Our compile engine can run in front-end and back-end technologies, database technologies, networking technologies, operating system technologies.
  • Database level assessments: With the first in world compile engine to test the candidate’s database skills online.
  • Multiple question types: You can choose from different question types like multiple-choice, single choice, short or long answer types, programming, sorting, logical, analysis, and the list goes on. You name it and we have it.
  • Assessment Administration: Presenting the one-stop solution for creating, securing and conducting examinations. Our applications are designed to provide complete flow from candidate registration to automated results. Also accommodating paper-based and computer-based tests.

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