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Faculty Bootcamp

  • The best faculty members are not those with most elegant content but are those who set themselves apart by their facilitation skills. Hence, our bootcamps are designed for tenured faculty to help them achieve personal growth to a whole new level with the perfect combination of practically tested skills and strategies.

Faculty Workshops

  • Teaching Effectiveness: We follow a simple process that helps you enhance teaching effectiveness. It’s all about learning the secrets to increasing the command of technical subjects, effectively managing time.
  • Training for All: Our workshops are designed for tenure-track faculty and advanced graduate students, lab technicians we give onboard training on a wide range of technical topics to address core dilemmas on technical subjects.
  • Professional Goals: Start with achievable set of professional goals as well as a realistic plan to meet them.
  • Flexible Course Schedule: Follow a consistent and sustainable course schedule that suits all your target audience.
  • Build Strategies: Identify your resistance and develop a set of strategies to move through it and be open to feedback.
  • Exceed Expectations: Move forward with a norm that will exceed the expectations of your institution.
  • Best Practices: Master best practices in academic time management to Manage your time to adjust according to the priorities of your institution and your values.

Our Aim &Outcomes

Our Aim

  • Support faculty in delivering high-quality, innovative teaching and learning experiences.
  • Develop areas of inquiry that build education theory and advance education practice.
  • Promote the career development of individual faculty and students as education leaders.


  • Low-Cost, High-Impact Faculty Development.
  • A Focus on Teaching and Learning at Mid-Career.
  • Technology-Enhanced Faculty Learning Communities.
  • Teaching That Benefits Beginners and Those Who Mentor Them.

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