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College labs is no longer a hassle, with most of the tasks automated, save plenty of time.

The power to learn technical courses easily

Bestowing real-time and practical knowledge in today’s challenging world mostly driven by technology.

College Lab Automation

  • The current educational system was proved to be partially unsuccessful in this case, as we concentrate on theory instead of practicals especially in the stream of engineering.
  • Most of the lab procedures are stuck with following the traditional practices such as manually tracking the status, coping the lab programs, and maintaining records and trackers on paper. Eliminating all this paperwork saves a lot of man-hours and energy which can instead be utilized for value adds.
  • To automate the labs and also to help students to drive their interest towards real-time completely Hebeon has come up with an advanced solution which is college labs, a complete solution for automating the college labs.

Core Features

  • Adding lab programs.
  • Instant report generations.
  • Plagiarism check.

Course Development

For those, who are looking for a great course content.

  • For many institutions who have a powerful faculty and infrastructure but struggle for course content, we build the courses and also course curriculum so that you can just focus on teaching.
  • Our library consists of courses that are created by experts which covers almost every course to choose from and we build the customized course upon request. Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects.
  • In order to meet the unique needs of your institution, you can pick and choose your own content to meet the requirements of your institution. Using a combination of skill mapping models, technical videos, quizzes, projects, and programs we deliver the ready-to-use content for your institution.

Core Features

  • Custom content creation.
  • Prioritized user experience.
  • Learning Management System Integration.

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