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Online education is a great option if you aren’t a traditional student who can't afford to spend time at a university campus.

We have something for everyone

Our online courses offer flexibility, allowing students to focus on the subject.

Computer Science, Information technology, Electrical and Electronics, Civil and Construction, CAD, Machine learning and many more, we have it covered for you. Our online courses offer flexibility, allowing students to focus on the subject in which one would like to pursue career advancement. College students can pursue any level of course, from basics like MS Office to Machine learning. There are countless benefits to an online course, and this guide is designed for prospective students who want to learn more before applying and enrolling at online universities.

We have something forn everyone

College lab on the go

College Lab on the go
  • Programming Work Bench is available at places you go around the country and around the globe, all you need is access to Internet service.
  • It's easy! Connect your device to the Internet and log in to PWB, you can resume learning the courses anywhere and anytime at your convenience.

Program Designed to get you a job

Instructor Led LIVE Sessions

Industry experts delivering the live sessions and smaller groups live mentorship

Build Live Projects

Work on live projects and build a strong portfolio


Regular assessments to track your progress

Get Hired

Connect directly for job opportunities from our employer network

A Robust application with centralized learning

Our predefined learning path algorithms will empower you to learn, practice and test your knowledge.

  • Technical Courses
  • CRT
  • College Labs
  • Surprise Exams
  • Certification Courses
  • Application Development
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    Faculty Testimonials

    Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because of our experience, technology insights and delivery standards ....

    Advisory Services

    • We know that technology is changing at a drastic pace and it's very challenging for an academic institution to reform its curriculum to focus on what's important.
    • The goal of this service is to connect corporate requirements with academic transformation.
    • We take responsibility to break-down the technical frameworks to fit into the college curriculum so that can facilitate the market technology gaps by promoting next-generation resources.
    Advisory Services

    Code Challenges

    Code Challenges
    • Coding has progressed from a hobby to a critical career skill. Employers have shown their willingness to pay a premium for the work of employees with coding and programming skills.
    • Moderate coding skills can lay the foundation for a rewarding career.
    • Knowing this, we focus our attention on code challenges where you can practice programming.
    • Whatever the level of your programming is we will take it to the next level.

    Mock Interviews and Campus Recruitment Prep

    • You'll learn the latest technologies in web &app development and build a portfolio of projects to fill your resume.
    • We help students learn technology with hands-on experience to build confidence, post which we collaborate with administration and students to put a program in place that can help recharge their knowledge and be well prepared for the campus interviews.
    Mock Interviews and Campus Recruitment Prep