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Securely create, share, and manage content with a next-generation cloud-based platform.

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Learning Management System

We offer complete eLearning solutions to small and large enterprises and educational institutes. We have the people, tools, and experience to get your LMS up and running in no time. We offer custom online learning and e-Training services tailored to you.

Our team has the necessary expertise and experience to tailor any LMS to suit your needs. We provide reliable, accessible, and trusted Learning Management System Hosting services for LMS platforms and customers ranging from independent training institutes to K12 schools, higher education, and multinational corporations.

Take your LMS team’s admin and support skills to the next level. Our experts can work with you to solve any issues, questions, or eLearning development needs promptly. We take care of everything from the establishment of the LMS to adding course content while you sit back and strategize growth.

  • API integration
  • Data Migration
  • Customization and Easy Set-Up
  • Additional feature development
  • Course creation
  • Skills/Certification tracking
  • Mobile learning
  • Asynchronous learning
  • Gamification
  • Social learning/message boards
  • E-commerce and subscriptions
  • Blended learning
  • Reporting and tracking

EMS for Schools, Colleges, Universities

As online learning has exploded in popularity, the ability to securely create, share, and manage content has become a pivotal inhibitor to web-based curricula. We are putting education directly in the hands of students and instructors with our combined, next-generation cloud-based platform.

We enable seamlessly and on-demand creation, management, and delivery of live, interactive education, fusing didactic learning with video-based online content, and live simulation practice. We created a platform that brought unique value and added a flavor of the immersive simulation experience with tools that directly facilitate online engagement.

  • LMS Integration
  • Live Streaming
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Record - Edit and Play
  • Comprehensive Media Management


  • Methodical practice
  • Enforce Algorithmic approach
  • Real time code evaluation
  • Crack interviews
  • Inject coding culture
  • Cloud IDE for mini and major project development
  • Code any where
  • Languages Supported (C, Java, Python, R, C++, C#.NET, Bash, SQL, Web Development, Advanced Java & Frameworks, core, Angular 2+, PHP, JavaScript and TypeScript )
  • Grading & Feedback
  • Notifications & Announcements


  • Online Assessment Platform
  • Question Types : MCQ, Essay, Coding, Compressive & Polling
  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Video Proctoring
  • Secure Browser
  • On the fly Assessments
  • Onscreen live Monitoring
  • Lateral Sign-Up
  • AI enabled – fraud detection
  • Plagiarism, Duplicate IP / Location Mismatch
  • Screen and Identity capture


  • Real-time audio communication
  • Text communication via chat
  • Uncomplicated presentation of slideshows or screen content
  • Video streaming
  • Sharing and downloading of additional material
  • Practical possibility of recording complete lectures and sharing or viewing them afterwards
  • Creating and making surveys or quizzes available
  • Integration to LMS