Extension for Mathematics?

To stand out of the crowd in this competitive market, a school which extends the mathematics through technology will makes a student to come out of this vague situation. Not mathematics it’s all about the history programming, computer solving ability which is the latest and the future.Teaching simplified techniques to learn maths and make the student agile. Programming that makes the student increase confidence levels and built their bright career to cope with up with the corporates in the future. If the student is not able to cope with the technical changes in the 21st century they will be out of the race.

Learning Language and Logic is easy

Our goal is to make it fun and interesting while learning these new technologies. We use kid friendly tools and techniques to build foundational skills they need for mastering any field of sciences.

Our Products


Integrated platform for various learning materials, coding compilers, reporting and communication tools. Adaptive learning environment guides students towards their goals with proper guidance.


Tools and compiles to validate learners understanding of the contetn and challenge them to gain additional knowledge to reach higher levels.


Conduct college wide exams, campus recruitments, quick quizzes, recruit new hires and many more using our vast question database for various technical subject areas.


Our subject matter experts conduct trainings for various faculties, students, job seekers, consultancies and individual training seekers. We specialise in teaching complex technical concepts in layman terms for better knowledge retention.

Partner and Transform

  • Behind?

    All the top rated schools and educational institutions achieved their position by incorporating technology as part of thier curricullum.
  • Parents Interaction & Transparency

    Keep an eye over your child performance. Parents play a vital role in their children’s education. Parents can have access with this tool to check out the progress of their children. Parents can receive instant real time notifications and updates via push notifications about grades, scores, attendance, assignments, teacher comments, daily bulletin boards, course schedules, bonus points etc.., Make parents informed and engaged with their children anytime and have 360-degree views of their children performance
  • Amazing career ahead

    Learning foundation skills here it makes the student ameliorate their mathematical skills and explore problem solving ability and many more. So, maths extension is technology and technology extension is career.

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