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Our services to elevate your outcomes

Advisory Services

We know technology is changing at drastic pace and it's very challenging for academic institution to reform their curriculum to focus on what's important goal of this service is to connect corporate requirements with academic transformation. We take responsibility to break-down the technologies frameworks to fit into college curriculum that can facilitate the market technology gaps by promoting next generation resources. We ask questions / we conduct interviews to understand current state and expected future outcomes. Finally, we empower students and faculties to chart a path from where they are to where they want to be!

  • Higher enrolment and better value is provided.
  • Looked at as next-gen education model.
  • Creates high-energy out-of box thinkers.

Mock Interviews and Campus Recruitment Prep

It takes a lot of preparation to ace campus interviews and land on confirmed employment. We collaborate with administration and students to put a program in place that can help recharge their knowledge and be well prepared for the campus interviews.

  • Student achievement and satisfaction on to how confident and easy they land on a good job.
  • Corporates - college goodwill; given that corporates can hire quality candidates.
  • Improved academic enrolment given the final outcome and benefits.
  • Goodwill form local society and local government that these institution have up the quality and performance.


Code contest is a good way to boost your future job prospects if you're looking for a development role in tech/startups after graduation. You'll learn the latest technologies in web & app development and build a portfolio of projects to fill your resume. These camps are designed to immerse student/faculty into a technology with hands-on experience to build confidence. We typically conduct these scheduled campus breaks.

  • Build confidence for the real challenge.
  • Better positioned for the campus placements.
  • Enables stronger foundation for learning other languages.
  • Allows learners to create a portfolio that you can use as your experience.

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