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See what we have done so far ....

We have started as training establishment and started imparting technical knowledge - we immediately realised the learning gap and embarked on some thing innovative that can transform various roles in education.
  • 2008

    Initiated Training

    Focused on teaching and development services as an independent consultant, during this time we have learnt that there are some fundamental problems on how technology taught in colleges. Hence we are here to offer our best services to the whole world. We want to simplify it as easy as possible for our clients and those that are ready to visit our site on a daily basis.
  • 2011

    Services Established

    We have started on delivering of technical training and formation of the long-term venture to address the problems discovered.
  • 2012

    Academic Transformation

    Ventured on educational change through a college management and learning management systems. With the intention to make technology easy for consumption by first to fourth year engineering students.
  • 2014

    Education 2 Business Bridge

    Embarked on Online training goal was to bridge the gap between academic education and business needs. Our unique training is catered to build confidence and experience that allow for student reformation. Promote academic research and improve society.
  • 2015

    Services for Colleges

    Started delivering services to colleges around empowering students and faculty. We run boot camps for departments to ensure they are up to date on technologies that can impart to the Students. For Students, we do internships, mock interviews and campus requirements.
  • 2015

    Colleges + Corporation + Individuals

    Started with corporate training for various corporation + reforming learning management system that can track learning progress and knowledge retention through our adaptive learning tools.
  • 2016

    Programming Work Bench (Learning Management) Launch

    Launched our pioneer learning management product for colleges. Our team has spent last 3 years engineering this to meet outcome that allows us to transform the educational system. This system includes hands-on-labs; simplified technical concepts; virtual learning and much more.
  • 2017

    Enhanced Services

    Released lot more features and functions that will enable efficient learning process for learners. Importantly, easy management and organization for facilitators through metrics and reports that will enable them to guide learners in the right direction.

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